Privacy Policy

Our website understands the privacy of those individuals who always visits. One of our obligations is to secure the information that come from people who visit us through our existing Privacy Policy. This kind of rule will handle the incoming data or information and this process is helpful in preventing bogus individuals.

Whatsoever content that the users and visitors choose to read or use, they cannot ignore this implemented rule because we adhere to the law. Because we implement legitimate rules to follow, we never accept people who are not willing to understand what we impose.

Information to Submit

Prior to giving access to our visitors and users who decide to use our website, it is our duty to require them in submitting the important data we evaluate such as their names, locations, emails, citizenships and ages. These details are from people who visit and use our site, but we never pressure them because we want them to submit willingly.

When to Share Information

We always secure the details or information we gather from our visitors and users. However, we may also distribute them to some authorized government agencies, legitimate third parties and service providers with valid agreement from us. The shared data must not be part of any illegal activity and they need to understand this matter. Should an additional party request for information, we may provide a different guideline before we agree.

Internet Cookies Evaluation

Our site is compliance with the existing guidelines when checking or evaluating cookies (known as Internet beacons). Regarding the imposed guidelines in terms of web cookies evaluation, we likewise adhere to the implemented rule of the European Union. When we talk about the necessary details that we need to check from the cookies, we evaluate the Operating System and exact browser. The importance of checking these details is that we can verify on how many users and visitors are viewing our site on a regular basis. If we make a decision to utilize the details, this is only for the improvement of our available services and visibility online.

Alteration of Policy Guideline

A decision to change our implemented Privacy Policy will be under our control and so we can do the process anytime. We can delete or change any existing data from the policy and we do not need any kind of consent when we decide.