Facebook Stalker Sentenced, Makes False Messages and Phone Calls

A male stalker may need to face the consequences after making his victim felt like someone is always watching her wherever she goes. This statement came from the court hearing at the Chesterfield magistrates.

Federal Privacy Laws Excludes Spying Drones, New Legislation Presented

March 16, 2017 - Despite the existence of the Federal privacy laws that secure people from stalkers and spies, these laws have to capacity to secure the privacy of individuals against flying drones that can roam around different houses.

Police Topples Identity Theft Syndicate With $3.5 Million Worth Of Stolen Information

Police Topples Identity Theft Syndicate With $3.5 Million Worth Of Stolen Information (March 11, 2017) Police force in Queens toppled a vast credit card and identity theft syndicate that fooled unwary consumers, retail businesses as well as bank of $3.5 million.

IRS Joins Forces With Private Preparers For The Prevention Of More Identity Thieves

IRS Campaign on identity theft (March 10, 2017) - IRS (Internal Service Revenue) has announced a major decline in identity theft due to shutdown related to fraudulent tax returns. IRS has entered a partnership with private tax sectors to prevent any scams as a result of identity theft.

WikiLeaks Reveals CIA Hacking Operations, Affects Giant Tech Companies

Wikileaks - CIA Hack GadgetsGiant technology companies Samsung, Apple and Microsoft reacted about latest issue about the WikiLeaks latest revelation that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States is hacking information from their devices to use for investigation purposes.

This Simple Phone Scam Might Trouble You For The Rest Of Your Life

Sometimes, the simplest scam is proven the worst. Phone scams are evident. There’s no denying the fact that once in our lives, we had trouble with phone scams. Con artists are always trying to come up with a new method to scam unsuspecting callers, but this particular, simple scam could pose a threat to a particular person for the rest of his/her life.

Stackoverflowin Hacks Almost 150000 Printers Intends to Help People

A professional hacker known as Stackoverflowin hacked almost 150,000 unconfident printers to raise awareness and about threatening people. The intention is to remind all printer users that exposing such device online can trigger dangers if the security feature is unable.

Be Aware Of Fake Facebook Customer Service Phone Number

Be aware of a fake “Facebook customer service” phone number, which asks users to pay. According to the companies involved, this fake phone number belongs to scammers who ask payment among the users.

Full House Lottery Fake Website Shut Down Following Phishing Scam

A fake website of "Full House Lottery" ( has been shut down following a phishing scam. The fake site posed as the legitimate organization, and attempted to collect financial and personal information from people.

PayPal Users Personal Information At Risk In New Phising Scam

PayPal users personal information might be compromised as a result of a new phising scam. This scam targets customers into believing they are receiving PayPal emails, when in reality they are not.

Mumbai IRS Scam Sets Off 2016’s Biggest IRS Scam

Seven call centers based in a Mumbai suburb set off the location of one of the biggest IRS scams of 2016. More than $300 million were swindled from US taxpayers as a result of this highly-intricate scam.