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Latest Comments

Feb 16 7:15 pm

Boomer says:

A bullshit call about some MLM scam

Feb 15 8:25 pm

Santa Clara resident says:

called and did not leave a message. This seems like sales person or scammer behavior

Feb 15 2:01 pm

lori says:


Feb 15 2:01 pm

john says:


Feb 14 6:07 pm

Carl says:

Cold call about an all-inclusive resort package. Wants your credit card info to offer you a vacation package for $900. Might be a legit thing but I don't give my credit card info to cold callers.

Feb 14 1:39 pm

BAM says:

I don't answer calls from telephone numbers I do not recognize.
If they were a reputable entity one would not have to search for their name or attempt to track their contact number.

Feb 14 1:38 pm

john says:

Called left no message...

Feb 14 12:48 pm

ANAN says:


Feb 14 12:14 pm

MN says:


Feb 14 12:06 pm

Fed UP with Scammers says:

Claims to be a medical alert provider. Does not comply with do not call lists. Probably a scammer.

Feb 14 2:17 am

D>Warsteiner says:

seems to be incorrect info. Not surprising.

Feb 13 6:48 pm

melody m says:

scam artist

Feb 13 3:08 pm

J says:

Unrecognized number. Didn't answer left no message.

Feb 13 2:57 pm

Incadove says:

I don't know who this number belongs to, and I don't care. It is blocked now.

Feb 13 1:20 pm

ric w says:

salesforce marketing

Feb 13 12:53 pm

ashley says:

automatic message saying they're the marriot hotel

Feb 13 11:14 am

Mike says:

Block 1-952-835-0281! This number is attached to a credit account scam! They just want your credit card number!

Feb 13 10:00 am

Lester says:

they are fake computer support

Feb 10 8:16 pm

Diego says:

It came up as a call from Islip NY on my phone a recording asking for a donation for the chief of police commission of New York City calling from a Long Island number very strange and weird sounding recording too

Feb 10 3:29 pm

Elizabeth says:

Called me, I said "Hello" and turned it off right away. This is spam.